Carole Di Tosti, Ph.D. is a journalist, writer, blogger, poet, novelist and researcher.  Carole Di Tosti administrates and edits three blogs. Her writing centers on eclectic topics and advocacy issues. You will find her advocacy writings published at  The Fat and the Skinny Her book (published dissertation) about 2 Whistleblowers in the NYC Public School System can be found at DAI Publishing. (Check the Library of Congress.) Carole Di Tosti’s book has been referenced in two non fiction books, one by Margot Ely.

Carole Di Tosti is a news correspondent, theater critic and reviewer. Her articles and reviews can be seen on Technorati Media Archived and Blogcritics, as well as other ezines like Theatre Pizzazz. In addition to All Along the NYC Skyline, Carole Di Tosti administrates and manages A Christian Apologist’s Sonnets, a blog of sonnets about various topics related to God and faith. Carole Di Tosti is currently working on a non fiction project related to her blog, The Fat and the Skinny…about weight loss and weight maintenance after the loss.

Carole Di Tosti’s supernatural thriller Peregrine: The Ceremony of Powers will be coming out November-December.

Check out Carole Di Tosti’s profile on http://caroleditosti.brandyourself.com/

  1. are you the Carole DiTosti who was the star of every show and musical review at SUNYA? Where Ellis Kaufman directed you?
    Dennis Buck


    • Hi Dennis. lolol I remember sitting and turning pages for you on 1 or 2 occasions (not that great at it also…lolol). Great to see you. You look well. Funny, I have met HS buddies online on FB and they have gotten in touch. I think now it’s the rounds for college. It’s soooo cool. Isn’t it? You are one of the finest accompanists I’ve ever known, and I know Johnny Wustman who accompanied Pavarotti. You look wonderful and look like you are having a blast!!!!.


  2. Nice review for Hangmen. However just setting you straight by pointing out that the pub doesn’t actually rise. It’s the prison which rises to expose the pub set.


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