B.B. King’s Signature Wines Launched. A Bottle of Red, A Bottle of White, the Legend Continues.


B.B. King toasts to fans and wine lovers with a glass of the B.B. King Signature Red.

The legendary blues musician and 15 time Grammy winner B.B. King is a dynamo at 87. If you are a B.B. King fan and have caught his blues act in concert or play his music at home, you know why this beloved Rock and Roll and Blues Hall of Famer has achieved global renown. His blues is easy listening. His musicianship is kinetic. His youthful verve is catching. His bubbling vitality has stirred B.B. King to keep a busy schedule. He tours globally averaging 250 concerts a year and promotes or plays at his B.B. King’s Blues Clubs occasionally in Orlando, Memphis, Nashville, West Palm Beach and Las Vegas (currently closed). All of his moves and his clubs encourage the iconic blues to flow. Visiting artists and musicians play music at B.B. King’s, whether funky and fast or soulful and smooth, LIVE, every night of the week.

In another contribution to stimulating our enjoyment of life, B.B. King’s energy has spilled over into creating his own signature wines. Whether you are a wine lover or B.B. King fan you can savor his wines at his clubs and in select retail stores, wine bars and music clubs nationwide as well as online. You and friends can share a bottle of red paired with the Bourbon Glazed Ribeye at B.B. King’s Orlando or share a bottle of white with the Southern Fried Catfish if you’re visiting family in Memphis and decide to drop in to B.B. King’s for a great evening of music, food and wine. When you enjoy his wines you are embracing this amazing talent who has brought so much to global fans and  has given back with joy to artists and musicians.


B.B. King’s Signature white and red wines at Vinport.com/bbking

How did the B.B. King Signature Collection come about? Since B.B. King has performed in 88 countries throughout the world with hundreds of performances given in Europe, he has become acquainted with the  relaxing, leisurely and healthful style of meal enjoyment there. One of the most memorable visits was to Spain in 1991 when Seville hosted the original all-star “Guitar Legends” concert series. This series celebrated 27 of the world’s finest guitarists, including B.B. King, over a five day period of completely sold out shows. It is not a coincidence that his signature wine is sourced in the up-and-coming D.O. wine region of Almansa, Spain from the award winning Bodega Santa Cruz winery which has been producing wine for over 60 years.With the efforts of Bodega Santa Cruz winery and the assistance of Votto Vines Importing headquartered in Connecticut, B.B. King’s Signature Collection was established and is being launched nationwide.


This Crianza will pair well with stews, red meats, and some richer pasta dishes. It will also compliment sausage, but nothing too spicy

The B.B. King Signature Collection is the misty elegance of the blues; it manifests the sine qua non of B.B. King, the legend, the personality, the sustained career excellence. The B.B. King Signature Collection Red 2010 is a Crianza blend made from Garnacha, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The B.B. King Signature Collection White 2011 is made only from 100% Verdefo grapes. The wines pair well with various dishes and can be drunk with appetizers to one’s taste as they are food friendly. They are moderately priced and won’t destroy your wine budget for the month and as in European style can be enjoyed as every day drinking wines. The suggested retail price is $13.99 which is perfect for casual enjoyment with friends, larger parties, as well as other dining occasions. You can purchase B.B. King’s Signature Red and Signature White at Vinport.com/bbking.


This Verdejo pairs beautifully with seafood, light sauces, and marinated olives. It This Verdejo is light and refreshing on its own as an aperitif, and matches well with a wide variety of dishes including Mediterranean pizzas, sushi, and especially mussels or clams in broth.

Just a few details about B.B. King that you should know.When you think of blues, the iconic King of Blues,  the man with the golden fingers easily comes to mind. B.B. King has defined blues globally for the last 50 years. His tireless efforts have set the standards for blues. His work ethic and force of will are marvelous to experience given his age and effervescent spirit.

2013-03-25 10.54.05

B.B. King in concert.

2013-03-25 10.55.14

The riff.

B.B. King began recording in the 1940s and since then has released over 50 albums. His guitar style is memorable, identifiable and amongst the finest in the world. It earned him a #3 spot on the list of Rolling Stone’s “Top Guitarists of All Time.” B.B. King was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame in 1980 and into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. In addition to receiving the Grammys, he was awarded with NARAS’ Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award in 1987. Was he ready to throw in the hat and retire? Saay what? He was just beginning. He opened his clubs and continued to tour increasing his fan base to a new generation of fans who enjoy his music and dig his club scene. He has established his iconic presence with clubs in key cities and now has expanded our enjoyment with the B.B. King Signature Wine Collection. Now, is this man the blues or what?

2013-03-25 10.54.53

King of Blues

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  1. I love your descriptions of the blues and music to describe the wine. Nicely done Carole.


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