Viewing the Manhattan skyline

There it is. The Manhattan skyline.  I’ve lived here for 30 years and have never rued the day I moved to the city. The arts brought me here to Queens, one train stop away from downtown Manhattan. And the arts and culture keep me here.  There is no location like this in the world, despite New York’s crazy occurrences like bed bug rampages and squirrel attacks on car engines and rabid racoons, and alligators and rats in the sewers… big ones. It is a city of dreams. And I belong here, for I am a dreamer.

A teacher I adored in high school told me, I’ll never forget his words, they are in my yearbook, “Dream big. Give it your all, and don’t let you stand in the way of making it.” Of course, he was talking about himself, but I understood what he meant because we were similar in many ways. First, we were immigrants, well, he was. Actually, I was first generation born of immigrants. Secondly, we had that thick ribbon of stubborn rebelliousness and independence. But his was sturdier than mine. I turned out to be rather a bit of a weak-willed wuss, caught by my gender to behave appropriately and give way it was a man’s world. But he was his own person, and traditional institutions rather dislike those who are independent spirited, regardless of  how talented and inspiring to students they can be. He never received tenure, though he was perhaps the best teacher most in my class had ever had.

Well, I moved on. And years later, after living upstate, I returned to my land of dreams and eventually moved to New York City. Perhaps one of these days, like the song Summertime says, I’ll” rise up singing.” Spread my wings and cross over the threshold into Manhattan to live and have my being. And if that happens, then I will feel that I truly belong. And when I’m settled in, boxes unpacked, Persian carpets laid out, furniture moved in and my cat taking a nap,  I’m going to leap up and anchored like a rock give a shout out,  “Girl, it certainly feels good to be home!”*

*Home is the place where you feel the most comfortable in your own skin.

About caroleditosti

Carole Di Tosti, Ph.D. is an Entertainment Journalist, novelist, poet and playwright. Writing is my life. When I don't write I am desolate. Carole Di Tosti has over 1800 articles, reviews, sonnets and other online writings. Carole Di Tosti writes for, Theater Pizzazz and other New York theater websites. Carole Di Tost free-lanced for VERVE and wrote for Technorati for 2 years. Some of the articles are archived. Carole Di Tosti covers premiere film festivals in the NY area:: Tribeca FF, NYFF, DOC NYC, Hamptons IFF, NYJewish FF, Athena FF. She also covers SXSW film. Carole Di Tosti's novel 'Peregrine: The Ceremony of Power,' is being released in November-December. Her two-act plays 'Edgar,' 'The Painter on His Way to Work,' and 'Pandemics' in the process of being submitted for representation and production.

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  1. I like this one. I feel like we can know you better.


  2. I LOVE how you put the Manhattan picture as your background for your blog. I think your blog looks great. I’m sorry you had the technical problems at first. Good job hanging in there, though. This is great.

    I LOVE NYC. I’ve only been there twice. I’ve seen a Broadway show (Les Mis) and the Empire State Building. I’ve stayed in a hotel and walked in Times Square, but there’s so much more to do. I know I’ve told you before, but I am so jealous of you living there! 🙂 Although walking the dog and the rent prices do make me love the Midwest, too. 🙂

    Looking forward to more posts.


  3. Thanks for visiting my site. I love NYC as well and your picture of the skyline is fantastic. Am joining your site and look forward to seeing your posts.


  4. Thanks, Ladies. That is very sweet. I should be posting about every week and one half on this blog. The more comfortable I am, the more regular it will be.


  5. I have never been to NYC, but I have traveled to several countries of the world. Home is where your heart is, and mine is anywhere near the water, the woods and a quiet resting spot. Thank you for reading my blog, and I look forward to reading more of yours.


    • Thanks, Cindi. I have a fantasy that one day, all of the writers I have met on FB and Twitter…I eventually meet in NYC at one point or another. Thanks for sharing. We’re in touch…will be fun to see posts.


  6. Congratulations on your new blog. I look forward to hearing about your adventures in NYC. Seems like my travel has always been west so missed the opportunity to see the east coast. I loved your picture. I hope you will be able to add more pictures. It’s great you are able to write the three blogs touching on all your interests. Hope you will be able to stop by mine as I increase my posts with your encouragement. Class has been such fun.


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