Sensational Umbria! Steve McCurry and Umbria Make a Good Team

Sensational Umbria, photograph by Steve McCurry

Sensational Umbria, photograph by Steve McCurry

Last year I was introduced to Italy’s region of Umbria at La Scuola Grande, Eataly’s events restaurant. It was then I savored my first Sagrantino wine made only in the Montefalco region of Umbria and tasted the regional foods, legumes, mushrooms, pork that were and are often the traditional mainstay of Umbrian cuisine. This year Umbria is being featured once again at Eataly, NYC and to highlight the region, Steve McCurry, world-renowned photographer has created an exhibit of his photos. These will familiarize viewers with the lifestyle of the region, its towns, marketplaces, textile trades, terrain, the wineries, cuisine, artisan crafts, in short, all that is wonderful in this region, known as “the green heart of Italy.”

L'Umbria Secondo, photograph by Steve McCurry

L’Umbria Secondo, photograph by Steve McCurry

What impresses me about Umbria is the passion of those who are the leaders of the region who want to make sure that past connects with present-future. In other words, there is a great respect for ancient wine-making traditions, cuisines and crafts and the fervency to keep these traditions alive so they are transmitted abroad and actually sealed into perpetuity (that’s branding, folks). Part of keeping a record of what was and what will be is the “what is.” That’s where Steve McCurry comes in with his photographs. According to the President of Umbria, Catiuscia Marini, “The passion people have for the region of Umbria was captured perfectly by McCurry’s remarkable storytelling power.”

Sensational Umbria, Event Coverage. Photograph by Steve McCurry

Sensational Umbria, Event Coverage. Photograph by Steve McCurry

An iconic voice in contemporary photography for more than 30 years, McCurry is a good choice to pick out mythic images of the Umbrian landscape, its people, its appeal of every day life activities. McCurry has been recognized with some of the most prestigious awards in the industry and he has published a number of photography books, for example The Path to Buddha: A Tibetan Pilgrimage (2003), In the Shadow of Mountains (2007), and The Iconic Photographs (2011) to name a few examples.

Olive Oil product from Umbria, sold at Eataly.

Olive Oil product from Umbria, sold at Eataly.

McCurry selected various photographs that were used in the exhibit and can be seen at the Italian Trade Commission until Saturday, November 16th. McCurry’s photographs will also be on display at Eataly, during their month long celebration of the region of Umbria in the month of November. Eataly is holding classes focused on wines and traditional regional cuisine and is featuring Umbrian products, including wines and the Sagrantino only produced in Montefalco, Umbria.

Products from Umbria sold at Eataly

Products from Umbria sold at Eataly

Sensational Umbria is the title Steve McCurry has given to his project of 100 photographs. If you haven’t visited Umbria and don’t think you will have a chance in the next months, go to Eataly, NYC and take a peak at the exceptional photographs. Have a glass of Caprai wine with your pork or short ribs dish at Manzo Ristorante or Birreria. Peruse some of the Umbrian products seen here. You’ll be happy you got a chance to embrace Umbria in NYC and it will be an encouragement for you to eventually to visit that magnificent, less traveled and poetic region of Italy.

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  1. I didn’t spend time in Umbria when I was in Italy, but another trip is definitely due. I didn’t have a single bad meal the entire trip. How nice that you have such a great celebration in ‘Eataly’.


  2. So true about Italy. Umbria is not as well know, but it is equally beautiful and has lovely cashmere and of course, fabulous food and wine. I miss Italy and want to go back.


  3. I like Umbria… but unfortunately I haven’t had to opportunity to travel to Italy for quite a while now, even though at this moment I literally live right next to it. *sigh*


  4. Carole! We are of like minds…I want to travel there and need to learn. I’ll be following your research…


  5. Hello Carole,

    I loved your article! Thanks a lot! I’m from Umbria and I feel very proud for this amazing project led by Steve McCurry.
    I would share with you a project developed in Umbria called “Tamo Italia” (“T’amo” means I love you in Italian!)
    Tamo Italia wants to offer a new concept of holiday in which we encourage you to stop being a tourist and immerse yourself in the Italian Lifestyle. Here the website where you can learn more about it —
    Explore Umbria with us!

    All the best,



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